ASIC approves ASX-listed Crypto-ETFs

News the ASX will commence offering Crypto ETFs – with the nod of ASIC – continues the trend of “there’s an ETF for that” building around the world. This is the latest of many new ETF offerings that investors will be able to access easily through their broker.

Significantly, it also hails a new era of legitimacy for the relatively new and speculative cryptocurrency market. It remains to be seen whether current leading players in cryptocurrency remain, or new entrants with new crypto coins begin to appear. Another unknown is the degree to which the cryptocurrency market evolves over time. Will crypto become mainstream, how will currencies be used in the future and will crypto dominate the global transactions market.

One thing that can’t be denied is that crypto is no longer just the realm of the speculator and early adopter. Investors will come to understand the crypto market better and more commonly include these investments in their portfolio to some degree.

But the road to riches is littered with corpses of bad investments, so tread carefully.

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