VISIS Founding Partner Chris Smith is one of Australia’s top financial advisers.

With more than 20 years’ experience in private wealth management, Chris is known for his passion and drive for helping his clients achieve their financial and life goals.

He has a strong track record of building successful, long-term relationships with ultra and high-net- worth individuals and families.

The financial strategies he develops are finely tuned to meet your individual goals, based on his detailed knowledge of your position and portfolio, and his deep market insight and proven advice.

Chris wants you to ‘rest easy’, with the confidence and peace of mind that your financial affairs are being expertly managed so you can focus your time and energy on being top of your game in their chosen field and enjoy the lifestyle your wealth affords you.

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Every day, VISIS Private Wealth supports high-net-worth individuals and families to manage, grow and protect their wealth.

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    We combine our wealth management expertise with an entirely personal approach to maximising the potential of your hard-earned wealth.

    Strategic Financial Advice

    Investment Management

    Accounting & Tax Services

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    Every day, we work with ultra and high-net-worth individuals and families to manage, grow and protect their wealth.


    Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

    Medical Professionals

    High-Net-Worth Families

    Self-Funded Retirees

    Entertainment & Sporting Personalities

    “I have a very trusting relationship with Chris and his team – one that means that I believe I am getting great financial advice from
    people who care.”

    Client – 15 years

    VISIS makes it very easy for you to understand the financial information being presented to you. When you are entrusting your financial situation to someone, you want to understand it.”

    Client – 10 years