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One of our most sought after services, Investment Management is an area in which VISIS Private Wealth truly excels.

Our people have a combined 100 years of experience in managing portfolios, across the full spectrum of booms and crashes. We have the expertise to help make sound decisions in all market conditions. We have navigated and managed our clients through the deepest corrections the market has ever witnessed.

For many of our clients, they have the desire to enter the world of investment, but the idea of managing an investment portfolio is complex, daunting and stressful. For others, it’s a world they find fascinating and have a strong interest in, but they recognise they simply don’t have the time or specialist expertise required to maximise the potential of their investments in a dynamic and constantly evolving market. 

That’s the beauty of working with VISIS Private Wealth. We have the passion, knowledge and expertise – and most importantly the time – to build and manage an investment portfolio that complements your financial goals. We use the latest technology to constantly monitor financial markets so we have our finger on the pulse for new strategies, opportunities, changes and trends. We’re on top of it – so you can make great decisions, on a sound basis at the right time. 

We specialise in

Investment strategies

Bespoke portfolio construction

Asset allocation advice

Risk management

Superannuation strategies

The VISIS Investment Management Methodology

VISIS has developed a robust Investment Management Methodology to underpin our Advisers’ expertise across all key asset classes including equities, bonds, property, and alternatives, to deliver multi-asset investment solutions through to individual funds. The methodology, recognised by the 2018 IFA Investment Manager of the Year Award, focuses our resources on a continual cycle of Planning Implementing, Monitoring and Reviewing your portfolio with a strategic, tactical and operational focus.


Strategically, VISIS Private Wealth uses risk profiling and modelling software to determine optimal weightings, expected returns, associated risks, and detailed scenario analysis for each asset class. Research, coupled with expert knowledge from professional asset consultants, to develop a strategic, long-term asset allocation. Our Objective: Identify investments with a superior outlook and combine investments with different characteristics or styles to deliver more consistent returns relative to benchmarks without sacrificing long-term performance. 


Economic conditions and stockmarket changes, along with the fundamental and technical drivers of each asset class, are regularly reviewed and the potential impacts on asset allocation are assessed. As the reward for risk varies through time, VISIS has adopted a dynamic approach to investment that involves a Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) of asset class weightings within acceptable ranges or bandwidths. Your adviser will continually review your financial strategies with cash flow and liquidity in mind. 


The successful management of your investments relies heavily upon the continuous monitoring and personalised analysis of your portfolio you hold. We constantly evaluate threats and opportunities that may affect your investments. In the event of a flag or trigger we will contact you with an investment advice recommendation and only effect changes with your approval. 

It’s all about you

VISIS Private Wealth is 100% privately owned and licenced. We’re working for you – not a bank, fund manager or insurance company.

We’re focused on finding solutions to meet your needs, not a company selling financial products. Free to develop financial strategies that are individual as you are, shaped by your aspirations and designed to meet your goals. 

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