Helping hand at Ronald McDonald House

Taking time out from the rigours of our corporate work world to give back to community is an enriching experience.

My team recently rolled up our sleeves, slung on aprons, swapped keyboards for cooking utensils and attended Ronald McDonald House in Herston to volunteer for the Make a Meal program.

Every year RMH Herston House provides a place to stay for more than 1000 children and families who have to travel to Brisbane for hospital treatment. It also supports mothers going through high risk pregnancy.

If the consternation of having a sick child is not hard enough, contemplating the pressure of travel, financial burden of accommodation and potentially splitting up families when treatment is required away from home is extraordinarily tough.

So, we were delighted to be able to help in a small way by providing support and helping alleviate some of the pressure families encounter when navigating these difficult circumstances.

Together, the VISIS team whipped up a Mexican fiesta of tacos – with all the regular trimmings – followed by dessert. Not only did we prepare, cook and serve the meal, we also donated all the ingredients.

It was a great experience, working together under the guidance of the wonderful RMH staff to help families staying there so they can be close to their sick children.

Internally, it’s also a great way to develop stronger relationships in the workplace, build morale, encourage personal growth and development, and help individuals’ mental health and wellbeing.

To volunteer, donate or find out more information on what you can do to help, visit

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