Katie Robinson Profile Piece

As Chris’ Associate Adviser, there’s no such thing as a boring day at the office for Katie Robinson. Typically, an Associate is responsible for developing and documenting strategy, but for Katie, a day could involve anything from client meetings to working with software providers to deliver new client interface experiences.

“Prior to joining VISIS I worked in a bookstore, where most of my days were spent talking to customers and helping them find a book suited to what they were after. Being an adviser isn’t much different – I still get to meet with clients, find out what they need and provide a solution to help them reach their goals,” Katie said.

“I think with such a client-focused background combined with my interest in finance, moving into financial advice was such a natural fit.”

Katie’s passion for finance and economics led to studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Property Economics (majoring in Finance) which she describes as an ‘interesting combination’ of property valuation theory, economics, markets and financial maths. Being the star multi-tasker she is, Katie also completed a Certificate in Mortgage Broking while completing her university studies.

Upon joining the VISIS team in 2018, Katie completed her Diploma in Financial Planning and then began her two-year journey to complete a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning to keep in line with changing legislations. If that wasn’t enough qualifications to speak of Katie’s passion, she is also currently finalising her Adviser Professional Year program.

On working at VISIS in the financial advisory industry, Katie said she enjoyed the plethora of challenges that came across her desk to solve on a regular basis.

“One of our core work ethics at VISIS is to never take the easy route to solve a clients’ need. We explore every option and workshop situations as a team to arrive at the best outcome. Many of my clients are self-funded retirees or pre-retirees, and almost always, I find their key concern is – how will I fund all my expenses without my regular salary?” she said.

“There is a big switch in mentality from receiving that regular salary income to drawing on their super fund which generates more sporadic income from dividends and capital growth.”

“Their concerns are all valid, and I take great pride in being able to talk clients through tailored solutions, provide assurance, and ease their concerns around cashflow – which ultimately offers them a sense of relief and comfort as they move into the next phase of their life in retirement.”

Having successfully kicked off her professional career with the reputable VISIS team, Katie said simply getting a foot in the door was essential for any young people interested in entering the industry.

“Starting out in an administrative role gives you the perfect foundation to move into an advice related role. Soak up all the knowledge, have the right mindset, and before you know it, you could be picked for the next advice role.”

After a busy week at VISIS, Katie finds time to reset by spending time with her family or heading to a yoga class.

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