Meet the team: Scott Gynther

The rewarding feeling of supporting clients to reach their financial goals was all the motivation Private Client Adviser Scott Gynther needed to rise through the ranks of the VISIS team.

Starting as a paraplanner with the firm in 2015, Scott produced advice documents and financial projections for all four VISIS partners. Fast forward to 2022 and Scott has now built direct advising relationships with almost 100 clients in his senior role.

For Scott, the key to providing VISIS’ clients with the best quality of service comes from a solid understanding of the fundamentals, from daily administration through to the face-to-face advisory relationship.

“This ensures you are well versed, with an understanding of exactly what is required at all stages of the advice relationship,” Scott said.

“Pursuing a senior position has allowed me to take on more responsibility for managing and developing the advice for clients, whilst allowing me to help train junior advisers much the same way Chris mentored me.”

Having studied Business Accounting at university and starting his career at an accounting firm, it was an easy decision for Scott to move into world of financial planning where his true passion lies.

Dedicated to his professional development, Scott most recently achieved Certified Financial Planner status in 2019.

Throughout his career, Scott has discovered that the world of financial advice is so much more than the finance aspect alone; it is the art of distilling information and being the voice of reason when it comes to managing emotions in times of difficulty to avoid knee-jerk decision making.

A common challenging occurrence for clients in the present environment is the purchase of a new home.

“Values have increased significantly over the last few years and assisting clients to rationalise what is typically an emotional decision is a key component of the process,” Scott said. 

“Assisting clients understand the cashflow burden of any potential loan facility and the strategies that can be implemented to accelerate the repayment is the best way to solve a clients’ concerns over the potential purchase.”

Scott said it was satisfying to reduce the burden from clients’ shoulders and help them to live their best lives in his day-to-day work.

One such example was a client attempting to bring the proceeds from a separation in the UK back to Australia, with the majority to be inaccessible for several years had she followed previous ill advice.

“Following long discussions with both the ATO and UK, we were able to develop advice which would allow for 100% of funds to be moved to Australia,” Scott said. 

“This allowed the client to feel significantly more comfortable with their financial position and relieved a large amount of stress from her as she was now able to fund her ongoing lifestyle expenses.”

When it is time to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the VISIS office, you will always find Scott near the water, competing in a water polo match at the pool or visiting the beach with his two dogs in tow.

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